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  For technical questions please email them to info@kzgn.net  


Basic info:
We transmit over the air (antenna) on channels 21.1 HD, 21.2 SD and 21.3 SD at 12 watts of power from the KZGN studio’s up to Laurel Mountain were our signal is translated and boosted by the IWV TV Booster’s back into the valley. Mediacom picks up our signal and distributes our channels on cable channels 21, 322, 323 and 521 HD.

On Antenna or Cable:

Using an antenna, point it toward the white ball on top of Laurel Mountain due south of the city and have your TV or set-top box rescan for channels (check your unit’s manual on how to rescan channels).
If you are a Mediacom subscriber there is nothing you need to do but tune to channel 21 for our main channel or 322 for our Classic TV channel, for our HD channel you must be a HD subscriber.

During severe weather our signal might go down, either a component has failed on top of Laurel Mountain or a power failure has occurred there. Do not rescan your TV or set-top box. Check our website at http://www.kzgn.net for updates and status.

Contacting us:
Please direct all technical questions emails to info@kzgn.net